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Since 1991, Öztan has been designing and planning farm-type feed production machines and feed preparation plants for the enterprises and cooperatives engaged in animal husbandry to make their own feed.

Öztan produces all kinds of machines and equipment for feed preparation needed by the enterprises making their own feed. Our company also provides technical information to its clients regarding the right raw materials and formulas for producing their own feed.

Öztan provides expert service in the areas of:

1. Feed grinding and mixing machines

2. Mixers for feed concentrates

3. Feed grinding mills

4. Farm-type feed manufacturing facilities

5. Feed and pre-mix concentrates

6. Rural development projects.

The feed machines and equipment used in cattle and poultry farms are designed and produced according to the needs and wishes of each enterprise.

Specific feed production machines needed by agricultural cooperatives as well as spiral and sack loading belts are produced according to the requirements of each client.

The farmers opt for Öztan farm-type feed producing machines mainly because these facilities enable them to produce high-quality, cheap animal feed with the raw material they source.

Öztan, with its high-quality and sturdy farm-type feed producing machines and with its expert knowledge, has always been preferred by national and international rural development agencies.

Since 1991 Öztan maintains its R&D and marketing activities nationally and abroad. It provides its clients with valuable information about selection of suitable raw materials and technical assistance after sale.

Öztan adjusts itself in accordance with the future of stock-breeding.

The main source of energy for Öztan as a company is the service that it supplies to its clients.

Öztan has always been a source of trust with its expert knowledge and years of experience.